Caregivers whose child has been diagnosed with cancer often go through a roller coaster journey of emotions. They have to come to terms with their child's diagnosis, help the child cope with medical treatment, handle disruptions to their usual routine and learn to juggle existing responsibilities while caring for the child. While all these may sound overwhelming, caregivers do not have to feel alone in their experience. Many families have gone through this journey with the support of loved ones, healthcare professionals and information support provided by organisations, like CCF.

A CCF Caregivers' Organiser is given to caregivers of all newly diagnosed children to provide caregivers with convenient access to information about their child's illness, treatment procedures and caregiving related issues.

A Service Guide is also distributed to caregivers to provide them with an overview of the services offered by CCF. It serves to inform caregivers of the objectives of the services and how they can access them.

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