Will and Hope Giving

“Will and Hope Giving” – a CCF regular giving initiative, aims to encourage more Singaporeans to learn about the prevalence of childhood cancer in Singapore, the psychosocial impacts of a childhood cancer diagnosis in the family, the work of CCF and to become regular donors to support children and families affected by cancer.

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Given his young age and lack of family history, Cindy never thought her son, Casper, would get cancer. But when the active three-year-old developed a fever that did not go away, she knew something was wrong. Armed with a referral from his paediatrician, she and her husband brought him to the hospital. Within 24 hours, Casper was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL), a type of blood cancer.

The couple was shocked. “Everything happened so quickly and we did not have much time to process it.”

As Casper began treatment, the couple sought to help the toddler understand his illness through books. Meanwhile, CCF social worker engaged him in therapeutic play sessions using Ducky, a medical toy with a port-a-cath. By performing his treatment processes on Ducky, Casper was able to process the treatment administered and his feelings.

Of all the treatments he had to undergo, intrathecal chemotherapy was particularly challenging for him and he would scream whenever he saw the doctor. CCF Child Life Specialist, stepped in to support him using play, pre-empting him of each stage and helping him understand that it would end.

Casper looks forward to visiting CCF’s Playroom after every session which has some of his favourite toys. When asked what his dreams are, he held up his favourite toy tram and exclaims, “I want to be a policeman and a fireman because I want to save the day!”

Many children diagnosed with cancer look to their dreams of the future to get through difficult times. Show your support for them by joining us as a monthly Will and Hope Giver!