The Survivorship programmes at CCF aim to provide continual support to childhood cancer survivors by addressing their developmental and emotional needs as they transit into a new phase of life after treatment.

Camps and Psychosocial Events

Childhood Cancer Survivors’ Day

Held in conjunction with National Cancer Survivors’ Day, CCF celebrates Childhood Cancer Survivors’ Day to provide a platform for childhood cancer survivors to express appreciation to self, their caregivers, family and friends who have shown support in their cancer journey, to celebrate and commemorate survivorship as an important milestone on this cancer journey and to encourage survivors to embrace the journey of survivorship with a positive outlook.

End of Treatment Party

The event provides a platform for the families to celebrate the end of treatment milestone and affirm their strengths and resiliency in going through the treatment journey together as a family. It also welcome the families to the start of the survivorship journey.

Personal Development

  • Opportunity Fund allows survivors to learn and develop new life skills/ knowledge to realise their full potential
  • Survivors’ Service Learning Project (SSLP) serves as a platform for youth survivors to be empowered and gain self-efficacy through participation in community service-learning projects.
Survivors’ Service Learning Project

Social Groups

  • KidsConnect offers activities to childhood cancer survivors aged 3 to 12 to build their social skills through common experiences and stay connected with each other.
  • YouthConnect promotes social interaction among youth survivors aged 13 to 35 through regular gatherings and events.